Living City

The photographs in LIVING CITY examine the contemporary cultural landscape of urban spaces – places made and lived in over time. They document the nature of urbanism in details of commerce, recreation, and social history, in cities in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Using elevated vantage points and deep vistas, the images reveal spatial and temporal connections not visible […]

The Secret of the Flavor

The mystery of narrative features in these landscape images of place and populace. The title comes from a poster advertising butter, but it speaks to the ineffable quality of a place in time, and its inhabited moment.

Human Landscapes

From stone walls that enclose and protect, to lyrical floating shapes above a tangle of branches, to walkways, pools and cave dwellings, the built landscape in these images is shaped by the forces of the land. These are landscapes of dynamic tension between natural forces and human desire. Each contains artifacts of habitation that reveal […]